Swedish Massage

The most frequently performed technique used consisting of five basic and effective movements, with the pressure of the massage adaptable to each persons preference. See below for deep tissue massage and tranquil massage

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep pressured massage for stretching out any knotted tension, reducing tired muscles, achy joints, soft tissue damage from sports injuries or fibromyalgia, you will reap the rewards

Tranquil Massage 

If a massage you are looking for is more for relaxation and of a therapeutic nature then the pressure on the body will be lighter. Either massage you go for will benefit you with a sense of well being.

The benefits are enormous of having a massage may it be for back, neck and shoulder massage or a full body massage. By pumping the blood supply and lymph drainage to flow round the body, releases toxins and encourages circulation too, helping you to feel great afterwards.

Ideal for back pain, stress, depression, insomnia, circulation