Hopi Candles

The name comes from the Hopi Native American tribe and this ear treatment has been going on for centuries

This treatment is great to relieve blocked sinuses, tinnitus, Vertigo, flying and loosening compacted ear wax

A hollow candle made from linen, herbal extracts, honey, Camomile and St Johns wart warmed by a flame is put into the ear.

The heat of the candle causes a vacuum where the smoke harmlessly goes through to the ear, this in turn massages hair follicles within the eardrum, helping to draw out any impurities from the ear, thus releasing any sinuses that may be blocked

Though there is no proven scientific evidence of this, that Hopi candles work, the results from some of my clients have been amazing

An Ideal treatment for sinuses, tinnitus, vertigo, flying & compacted ear wax.